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If you're building or renovating it's the perfect time to pre-wire your home so you can add solar panels to support your home energy needs and for electric car charging, whenever you're ready. Our solarAdvantage pre-wiring guidelines are available for free because we think all New Zealand homes should be built solar-ready. Powering our homes and cars on clean energy from the sun will help save money and the environment. 

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The Time is Now

At solarcity we're changing the power industry in New Zealand for the better. We've got a fresh take on solar that’s greener, more affordable and has a 20-year lifetime guarantee.

Solar energy is a cleaner and cheaper form of electricity. However, until recently, many New Zealanders were put off making the change because of the equipment costs. But, now, homeowners can enjoy solar power without the upfront expense. 

solarZero gives you the option to buy solar power without having to pay for the solar panels. We install our solar panels on your roof and you buy the solar power at a fixed monthly fee that is less than the average rate for grid power. Even better, our fixed fee is guaranteed for the next 20 years.

If you would rather have full control over generating solar power for your home, the timing couldn’t be better as solar panels are now cheaper and more efficient than ever before. Check out our fantastic solarClassic package.

Together we can build a sustainable New Zealand. 

Is My Home a Good Candidate for solarZero?

We're looking to build a solar power station one residential rooftop at a time. With solarZero, we can install a tier one solar system on your roof with no upfront cost to you. Going solar can save you money on future electricity bills, reduce your carbon footprint and help New Zealand become powered 100% on renewable energy.

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Cost of Power Over Time

Unlike traditional electricity rates, which have increased steadily for the last 20 years, with solarZero your solar energy fee is fixed for the term of the agreement. Can you imagine any other energy provider locking in the price of power for up to 20 years?

Cost of power over time.

Historic data from the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment shows that residential electricity prices have increased 69% in the last 10 years and an incredible 153% over the last 20 years. solarZero offers the potential to lock in a price for your daytime energy needs, right now so that you enjoy savings for up to 20 years.

20-Year Lifetime Guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee means peace of mind, reassurance and certainty. It includes 24/7 in-home monitoring, full insurance, repair service, product and production warranties and ongoing advice and support relating to solar energy and energy efficiency. 

Environmental Credibility

Solar energy is better for our country and the planet. It's also better for your customers' wallets - allowing them to reduce their dependence on grid power and the risk of rising electricity prices. By including solar within your market offering, you will be demonstrating your commitment to a more sustainable future. 

If environmental credibility is important to your business, you will want to work with a company with proven green credentials. solarcity is the only carboNZero certified solar company in New Zealand. We are independently audited annually by Landcare Research, the Government's leading Crown Research Institute and our installations carry the ISO 14065 quality mark.