Why solarcity is New Zealand's #1 Solar Provider

As New Zealand’s #1 solar provider we’ve put more solar systems on Kiwi homes and businesses than anyone else. We have more than 6,000 customers across the nation and counting. We are in business to help our communities fight the rising cost of power and stop climate change.

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Is my home a good candidate for solar?

We start by making sure solar power is the right option for your home as the sun is a wonderful source of energy when harnessed by solar panels that will generate power for 20 years, or more. We’re the only company in New Zealand that gives you the option of buying solar panels or simply just the power they generate, thanks to our smart energy service. For either option we use the same high tech equipment covered by comprehensive guarantees delivering cleaner and more affordable solar power to your home.

  • You use power during the day.
  • Your roof faces north, east or west.
  • You have a sunny roof.
  • Your power bills are over $125 per month.
Find out today if your home qualifies.