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  • What is solarZero?Toggle faq answer

    With solarZero you purchase solar at a fixed monthly fee while solarcity owns the solar panels, provides insurance, monitors performance, and replaces aged and faulty equipment as required throughout the 20-year service agreement.

  • What happens if I move home?Toggle faq answer

    Easy. With solarZero you can transfer the service agreement to the new homeowners. Alternatively, you can prepay the agreement from the profits of selling your home, providing the new owner with solar for no monthly fee. You can also keep your agreement going by taking the solar panels with you to your new home. Finally, if there is a material change to your circumstances, you may terminate the agreement. 

    With solarClassic, the solar system is sold as a home fixture. In the US, solar has been shown to increase the value of your home and the speed of selling your home.


  • With solarZero what happens at the end of 20 years?Toggle faq answer

    At the end of 20 years, solarcity will work with you to review your power needs.  You can opt to extend your service agreement, upgrade to the latest technology or return to grid power. 

  • Will you be my electricity provider/retailer? Toggle faq answer

    No. You will still need to purchase electricity off the grid, just like you do now from your retailer. The solar power you generate will result in a monthly reduction that corresponds to the service agreement you choose, the time of year and your power usage. Your solar fee will be direct debited from your account each month and you will receive a bill from your electricity retailer for the grid power you use outside solar generation times. 

  • Will my solar system work in a power cut?Toggle faq answer

    The systems we install are grid-tied which means that if the grid goes down, the solar system will automatically shut down. This is a regulatory requirement to protect the repair crews working on the power lines in the blackout area. However, if you have solarZero+, you'll have battery storage which can give you a backup supply to run a few critical devices.

  • What happens if my solar system produces more than I can use in my home?Toggle faq answer

    We will try our best to size the solar system according to your electricity needs, now and in the future. If the system is generating more than you use, it would be worth considering upgrading to solarZero+ as it includes battery storage. This way, surplus solar energy generated during the day can be stored and used at night and when grid prices are high. Otherwise, you may like to review your energy usage habits and move some activities to between the hours of 9am-3pm when solar electricity generation is highest e.g. using the washing machines, dishwasher etc. Any power you generate, but can't use, will be exported automatically back to the grid via the import/export meter.

    Your electricity retailer will pay you an agreed amount per kWh (unit).

  • I have solar hot water installed by solarcity and need an answer to a query I have, who do I contact? Toggle faq answer

    Please call our Customer Experience Team on 0800 11 66 55 and they will help you with any queries that you have. 

  • What is solarClassic?Toggle faq answer

    With solarClassic you purchase the solar system outright (solar panels, inverter, installation) and enjoy the product warranties and performance guarantees, plus all the power savings, with no ongoing solar payments. You also manage insurance, monitoring, performance, maintenance and the replacement of products at the end of their natural performance life.

  • How much solar power will I use if I have battery storage?Toggle faq answer

    A home battery system, in conjunction with solar, could provide more than half of your home's energy requirements.

  • I'm a solarZero customer. Is this battery compatible with my system?Toggle faq answer

    Yes. All our systems are designed so that new technology, like battery storage, can be integrated easily. Your system has been sized to your current needs. You may need to have more panels installed to get the full benefits of battery storage. One of solar specialists can do that assessment for you.