Save on your energy bills and save our planet

Go solar and you can save money on power bills which have risen a staggering 150% over the past 20 years. You'll also be helping to protect the planet by using clean energy from the sun.

Save with solarZero

Now, with our game changing solarZero energy service we charge no capital costs, no installation costs and no interest. solarZero enables you to purchase solar power as a service. We install and manage the technology, while you enjoy a cleaner, more affordable source of energy. We guarantee that we'll never increase the price you pay for our energy service (except for any changes in GST). Initially, savings will be modest, but if grid prices continue to increase at the same, or similar rate as they have over the last 20 years, locking in the price for your daytime power could save you about 20% on power bills over the next 20 years.


During the daytime your home will automatically switch from grid power to more affordable solar power. We'll look at how much power your home needs during those hours and size our system to generate at the level you need. The monthly fee for solarZero starts from $55 for an average home. Once that fee is set, we'll lock it, so it stays at the same fixed, low cost for the next 20 years. This can save thousands of dollars on your energy costs.

Depending on the energy use in your home, solarZero+ may be the best option for you. This service combines battery storage with solar panels so you can continue to power your home on the sun long after it has gone down.

Find out today if your home qualifies for solarZero.

Purchase your system

We also offer the option of buying a system tailored to your home's energy needs with solarClassic. Prices start from $7,400 for an average home. Found a cheaper price? Simply provide us with a copy of your quote and we will match it.

You can add battery storage to a new or existing system, starting from $13,000* (gst exclusive) with solarClassic+.

*A final price will be dependent on an assessment of your site.

Enquire now to learn more about solarClassic for your home.



No capital cost Purchase your system upfront
solarcity owns the system, you simply purchase the solar power You own the system
solarcity repairs panel breakages
Low, fixed monthly solar services fee Upfront cash payment starting from $7,400
Access to personal energy advisory team who will help you maximise the use of solar in your home and reduce your energy costs
Solar energy monitoring with MyEnlighten app Solar energy monitoring with MyEnlighten app
solarcity takes care of maintenance (except panel cleaning) and repairs Take care of all maintenance and repairs on your own system
20-year solar guarantee
20-year inverter warranty 10 year inverter warranty
Enjoy, set and forget Prefer to take control over product and solar generation