Solar power installation process

Customers often tell us they decide to start their solar journey because they want to reduce their home power bills. They also say they want to take control of their energy future and to help protect the environment for their family and the generations to come.

The solarcity journey

We’ll support you throughout your solar journey. We'll be there over the phone, via email and with visits to your home, if needed. As a proud carboNZero company we’ve designed the whole process to be paperless. This means all communications, contracts and updates will happen via email, making the process as hassle free as possible.

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Application review

Your solar journey begins once you fill out our online enquiry form, or by calling us on 0800 11 66 55. We’ll send you a simple survey, then follow up with a call to cover off some more detailed questions. From this information we can make an initial assessment to see if your home is a good fit for solar and which solar power installation will be the most appropriate.

Payment options include:

  • solarZero, with zero dollars upfront - save on your long term power bills by paying a fixed fee for the power generated from your roof. 

  • solarClassic, purchase solar system outright and enjoy all the savings. 


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Site assessment 

At this stage a title check is carried out by your Solar Specialist. They will check the position of your roof in relation to the sun, your roof condition and any other factors that may impact the installation. They’ll look for steep pitches, chimney positions and large trees which may be shading areas best suited for solar panels.

As every New Zealand roof is different a member of our solar power installation team may also need to have a look at your site. This visit will be arranged by your Solar Specialist for a time that best suits you and will take less than 60 minutes. This assessment ensures you get the ideal configuration and system design.


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Once the assessment has been completed and the best solution for your home agreed a contract will be sent to you using an online signature service. If you have selected solarZero we will also set up a direct debit agreement for your monthly fees.  


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Regulatory approvals 

The regulatory approval process is the last step before we install the solar panels. Your local lines company needs to give approval for the installation of a solar system on your home. Your Solar Specialist will work with you to lodge the required paperwork or lodge it on your behalf. Once you have approval, we’ll work with you to get a new two-way meter installed on the outside of your home by your electricity retailer. This will measure how much grid power you use plus how much solar power you feed back into the New Zealand grid. Your retailer will pay for your extra solar power at an agreed rate.


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This is the exciting stage of your solar journey. The solar panels that we selected for your home are now ready to be installed. A solar power installation typically takes between 4 and 8 hours depending on the complexity and size of the system. We will meet you at your property, on the agreed day and time, to fit the solar panels, hook up the electrical connections and set up the monitoring. On completion we’ll send you the details so you can go online and view your solar production.

The solar journey is now complete...or, really, it's just beginning. We’ll stay in touch with you about solar and energy efficiency tips, tricks, and new innovations. Of course, if you're a solarZero customer, we will remain by your side for the next 20 years to ensure that you’re getting the best out of solar and to help you with any queries you might have along the way.