Zero down pricing 

  • Zero down relates to solarcity's solarZero energy service where solar panels will be placed on your roof without the need for you to pay solarcity for those panels before they are installed, or anytime in the future. Instead solarcity retains ownership. Post installation you pay a fixed monthly fee for energy services delivering solar power and improved energy efficiency. 

  • Homes must qualify for solarZero based on criteria including energy use, location, roof type and orientation, shading and site access.

  • Customers are required to purchase a two-way meter from their power retailer which typically ranges from $60-$220. 

Zero impact 

  • solarcity is independently audited annually by Landcare Research, the government's Crown Research Institute that licenses us to use the carboNZero accreditation, the world's first certification scheme under ISO 14065. 

  • Being carboNZero certified means we measure all greenhouse gas we generate, and have measurable strategies in place to minimise those emissions. Any remaining emissions that we cannot avoid are offset by purchasing verified carbon credits, making solarcity carbon neutral. 

  • Embodied energy of the solar panels - solar panels have a 1-2 year energy payback before they produce the same amount of energy that went into producing them. Over the 20-year lifetime of the product, they will pay back their energy debt well over 10 times. 

What's included in the solarZero service agreement

  • We will supply, install and configure a solar system consisting of solar panels, inverter, electrical wiring and monitoring equipment. 

  • We will manage and monitor the solar system for the term of your agreement (excluding cleaning related activities). 

  • Technical support and energy guidance from our dedicated team of specialists. 

  • Based on your specific site characteristics we will provide an expected energy production figure. solarcity will warrant the amount of solar energy produced by our equipment at 80% capacity (subject to an annual system degradation). 

  • When required, solarcity will make appropriate repairs to the equipment, replace faulty equipment, and perform necessary actions to ensure performance. 

  • A fixed monthly charge that will remain the same for the entire life of the agreement (the monthly charge is exclusive of GST and the rate of tax may change over time). 

Your solarZero service agreement does not cover

  • Any charges from your electricity retailer or local government. 

  • The cleaning of solar panels. 

  • Additional electrical costs if home wiring is not aligned to relevant electrical codes. 

solarZero pricing and payments 

  • You are entering into a 20-year agreement for the long term supply of solar services that will provide electricity generated directly to your home or property. 

  • solarcity will charge your nominated account by direct debit on the first of each month. 

  • You are required to maintain an electricity contract with a retailer of your choice, just as you do now (you can change your electricity retailer at any time). 

  • Your electricity retailer will require a two-way meter to be installed to allow for the measurement of exported electricity to be recorded. There is a typically a charge of $60-$220 charged by retailers directly to you on your electricity account. This amount is not covered in any setup costs paid to solarcity. 

  • Homes and sites vary in roof structure and electrical components. There may be additional costs to cover expenses related to your roof type or to ensure that your existing electrical works comply with code. We will advise you of these costs during our consultation. 

Estimated savings 

Actual performance will vary according to national weather patterns (irradiance per square metre per year and ambient temperature), the orientation of the solar array on the roof, the pitch of the solar array on the roof, the cleanliness of the solar array, and shading if any exists.

The value of solar power generated is equal to the average annual amount of estimated power produced from the solar panel multiplied by the average electricity price inflated annually. The calculations are based on consuming all of the electricity produced within the home. Power exported to the grid will be subject to the Feed In Tariff agreed to with your electricity retailer and could impact returns based on either the amount paid or the amount exported over time. Solar system kWh/kWp is an average annual number and will vary daily with local conditions.

These estimates should be used as a guide only and are not financial advice. Actual performance will vary - you should consult a solarcity New Zealand specialist to better understand your particular circumstances.

solarZero 20-year lifetime guarantee

  • Guarantees minimum production levels. 

  • solarcity insures the product. 

  • Will replace and upgrade any equipment that is no longer working, or reached the end of its useful life. 

  • Provides in-home solar monitoring. 

  • Provides Helpline, 9am to 5pm weekdays, except public holidays. 

Termination rights

Twenty years is a long time and circumstances change. It is important to understand the options for termination, if the need should ever arise. At any time you may prepay the remaining monthly payments.

If you sell your property there are three options: 

  • Transfer the agreement to the purchaser of your home

  • Transfer the agreement and the solar system to your new property

  • Prepay the remaining monthly payments

At the end of the agreement, solarcity will work with you to determine the next steps that are appropriate at that time. They include renewing your service contract and continuing your savings, or removal of the panels.

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