Solar as a service explained

We are a solar energy company with a 20-year commitment to ensure you get the best out of solar and reduce your home energy costs.

SetWidth800 solar energy services

Our solarZero service lets you buy clean, affordable solar power, generated on your roof by solar panels we own and manage, so you can maximise your savings. We start by working with you to assess how much power you will use during the day so we can install a solar system that will meet your daytime energy needs. Once the system is installed, we constantly monitor it, plus we'll check in with you regularly to review its performance. Based on that information, we'll give you customised advice along with the latest tips and tricks on energy use and efficiency. We'll also keep you up to date about new technologies which can be introduced as they become affordable.

Our energy services include:

  • Home energy audit
  • Solar panels at no cost
  • Online monitoring
  • Technical helpline
  • Necessary repairs
  • Regular performance checks
  • Customised energy advice
  • Technology updates when affordable
  • Energy efficient product discounts

Home audits

Calculating an appropriately sized system to meet your daytime requirements is an important step in our solar evaluation process. Our customer experience team will work with you to assess your energy needs based on your monthly power bills, your hot water heating system, your usual activity at home during the day, and the number of people - adults, children, teenagers - living in the house.

We also recommend you log the power rating of all your household appliances. Understanding how much energy your appliances use will help you schedule their use to maximise your solar power. We can help you through the logging process, or can do it for you during a site visit or inspection.

Share this information with us and we will keep it on your customer file. As part of our 20-year support it will help us provide advice on improving energy efficiency, or troubleshooting where needed. It will also let us negotiate further deals to support your home energy goals with our brand partners like Noel Leeming and Panasonic.

Home monitoring and solarSmart check

Once the solar system is installed you will be able to monitor it online, just like we can, to see how much power you're generating and using as well as your carbon savings. You can schedule a solarSmart check with us to review the system's performance and your energy use and get personalised feedback. These checks are part our solarZero service and can be done easily over the phone in less than 30 minutes. We recommend you get your first solarSmart check once you've been using solar for three months and then every three to six months, particularly in your first year to ensure you are maximising the benefits of solarZero.