Our environmental credentials

Credentials are earned through consistency of focus, passion and drive over the test of time. solarcity is committed to supporting New Zealand becoming powered 100% by renewable energy.


We are in this business for a purpose. Our stance on the environment is unerring. Doing what's best for the planet and the children of tomorrow is central to every decision we make. We are one of the top five fastest growing green companies in New Zealand. And our commitment is to help our nation increase its energy independence and become 100% renewable.

carboNZero certified

 “carboNZero certification demonstrates to solarcity’s stakeholders that their carbon neutrality is fact as they have been assessed to the most rigorous standards for measuring and reporting greenhouse gas emissions”  Dr Ann Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Enviro-Mark Solutions.

The carboNZero programme offers two world class greenhouse gas certification schemes - carbonNZero certification and CEMARS (Certified Emissions Measurement and Reduction Scheme). Both certification options are transparent, based on a scientific footprint measurement aligned with international best practice standards (ISO 14064-1).

solarcity is the only solar energy services company in New Zealand to have achieved carboNZero accreditation. This means we measure and minimise our greenhouse gas emissions. Our low carbon thinking extends to all areas of our business from the products we use to the way we run our offices. For example, we’ve chosen to use solar panels that are quick to repay the amount of energy it took to produce them. And, whenever we can, we group our installations by location to keep those transport emissions as low as possible. From t-shirts to inverters we make every effort to choose products that are from ethically and environmentally preferred suppliers.

Any carbon emissions that we are unable to eliminate are offset by the purchase of carbon credits from the Hinewai Reserve, on Banks Peninsula in Canterbury, effectively making solarcity and our installations carbon neutral.

carboNZero is the first greenhouse gas scheme in the world to be internationally accredited to ISO 14065. The programme was developed from over 15 years of expert scientific research at Landcare Research, a Crown Research Institute owned by the New Zealand Government. Today it is recognised in over 50 major economies and can be applied as a best practice standard across business operations ensuring consistency of emissions measurement, credibility of reduction activity and assurance of market claims.

Zero impact

At solarcity we strive for the highest social and environmental goals. In doing so, we aim to influence all those we meet and work with throughout our business activities. Sustainability is core to our organisation and therefore all our employees have a responsibility to ensure we meet our commitments and objectives:

  • Comply with all environmental legislation and other requirements to which we subscribe.

  • Conduct activities in a manner that will minimise pollution and demonstrate our respect for the environment.

  • Commitment to the continual improvement of environmental performance and minimisation of environmental impacts in all areas of our business activities.

  • Manage an effective Environmental Management System to comply with carboNZero requirements.

  • Provide environmental training to all employees, promoting individual and collective respect and responsibility for the environment.

  • Maintain monitoring programmes to ensure compliance with our policy and objectives.

  • Continually improve our performance and minimise pollution.

solarcity applies a continuous improvement approach to its business practices and is always searching for new ways to reduce its carbon footprint and protect the environment.

 Specific activities we adopt to protect the environment are:

  • All customer communications are paperless.

  • We are predominantly a paper free office. If paper is used it is 100% recycled carbon neutral paper stock.

  • We recycle all waste.

  • We minimise air travel, maximising the use of skype/facetime and conference calling.

  • Our fleet of cars are selected for low emission and energy efficiency. 

  • We only use “green cabs” wherever available and our team carpool to all company events. 

  • We purchase all products selections from t-shirts to inverters, from ethical and environmentally preferable suppliers. 

  • We specify product that lasts - panels continue to produce for 25 years, inverters last for 10. A refreshing change in a world where the one-year guarantee has become standard.

 Green credentials of solar panels: 

  • PV panels provide clean green energy. 

  • Our panels have a 1-2 year energy payback. At this point they will have generated the same amount of energy used to produce them. Over their 20-year lifetime they will pay back their energy debt by at least 10 times.

  • Carbon credits are purchased to offset the carbon emissions associated with transporting the panels to New Zealand and then to the installation site.

  • The panels we install are made predominantly from silicon dioxide. They do not contain toxic materials like mercury, lead, or cadmium.