Our vision and values

Our vision is to get solar to everyone by delivering savings and certainty for households, businesses, the environment and the children of tomorrow.

Our values

solarcity is a business with a purpose: to make a big difference in the fight against climate change.  We are driven by four key values that together enable us to realise our vision. 


customer zealots

1. Customer zealots 

  • We design everything in our business to put customers first.
  • We work to create amazing experiences. 
  • We work tirelessly to earn our customers' referral business. 


100 pure

 2. Zero impact 

  • We are committed to 100% renewable energy for New Zealand. 
  • We are a carboNZero company. 
  • We are leading the way in paperless customer interactions. 



3. Teamwork 

  • We deeply value and respect those we work with and keep each other safe. 
  • We are transparent in our communications. 



4. Zen focus

  • We value deliberate simplicity over complexity.
  • Our system is our process.
  • If it moves, we measure it.