Spring into savings with these top tips for reducing energy consumption

7 Top Tips to Spring into Savings

We’ve all heard about the ‘spring clean’. The opportunity to dust off the winter cobwebs and purge your wardrobes of clothes you haven’t worn for years.

Spring is also a great opportunity to review your electricity use ahead of summer to make sure that you’re not using more energy than you need. 

It’s normal for your energy consumption and costs to reduce during spring. After all, you're no longer taking long hot showers or running your heaters all day to stay warm. But, reviewing where you may be using energy you don't need is a good way to save a little extra on your energy bill and reduce your carbon footprint.

With sunlight hours increasing here are some top tips to help you save on your energy bill this spring: 

  1. Get your heat pump or air conditioning unit serviced. Keeping this in tip-top shape can help reduce your energy bill by up to 15%!
  2. Be curtain savvy - open them up early to help warm up your room using heat from the sun, rather than relying on a heater. 
  3. Upgrade your lighting to energy-efficient bulbs. LED bulbs use 75% less energy than incandescent lighting. They may cost a little extra at the beginning but they will help save you money in the long run.
  4. Spring can still be a bit nippy. If you still feel cold air creeping in check the seals around your windows and doors. You may be letting in unwanted cold air and using more heating than you need. 
  5. That spring clean I mentioned earlier? Make sure you dust off your appliances! Fridges, for example, use more energy when they’re covered in dust and have to work harder to cool down.
  6. Exploit that sunlight! With the sun shining longer and stronger give your dryer a well-deserved break and hang your clothes out on the line to dry.
  7. Use your appliances at the right time. In some areas in New Zealand energy is cheaper during the day. And, if you have a solar system installed, this is when your panels will be producing the most energy - often more than your battery can store. So, rather than exporting it to the grid, use it to run your washing machine or dishwasher.

Implementing even just a few of these tips can help you start saving. For the most impact though, we recommend giving all seven a go.

Don't have solar?

If you don’t have solar at your home spring is the best time to get a solar system installed and start enjoying savings on your energy bill. With zero upfront costs and guaranteed savings in year one, solarZero is a great choice. 

solarZero combines solar panels, a smart battery and access to exclusive rates for grid energy. The smart battery not only stores excess energy for you to use when the sun goes down but manages how energy is used in your home. This helps you save even more by making sure you’re maximising your solar energy and importing energy from the grid at the lowest possible price.

To find out more about solarZero, and learn how much you could save, click here.