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New York has recently announced its largest community solar project is now on line. This investment in sustainability and the future has made clean, locally generated solar available to renters, homeowners, low-income residents, schools, and businesses alike. The same will soon be happening in New Zealand, writes solarcity CEO Andrew Booth.

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 October 12, 2016
When New Zealand ratified the Paris climate agreement last week it was the one bit of positive news in an otherwise bleak month when it came to us taking meaningful action on climate change.

In the space of just a few weeks we published an underwhelming report on our climate action plans (relying heavily on purchasing carbon credits overseas and that hasn’t worked out well so far), announced extensive plans to continue our oil and gas exploration programme, pushed out the deadline to end coal-fired electricity generation and revealed another gas power plant could open when we already have the plans and infrastructure to meet all our power needs using renewable energy.

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Solarcity CEO Andrew Booth responds to journalist Pattrick Smellie’s recent opinion piece on the carbon reduction benefits of electricity vehicles and solar panels. 

The Paris climate change agreement says this to our children and grandchildren: “We promise not to expose you to the dangers of climate change.” If we are to keep our word, we have no alternative but to decarbonise our entire economy.

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 We understand that the electricity sector and EECA do not like the choices its customers are making which have been caused by the 150% increase in power prices they have imposed on families over the last 20 years. But, in New Zealand, a pioneer of fair and open trade, we had hoped that companies and government agencies would respond to competition and innovation with better service, lower costs and increased efficiency.

In the last few months Contact Energy, Meridian Energy, Mighty River EECA, Unison and Powerco have worked together to commission the first in a series of reports that claims increased solar means increased CO2 emissions from the electricity sector. Which, of course, makes no sense.  Further, the report argues, a higher price on carbon will result in more carbon emissions - clearly nonsense. 

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 December 21, 2015
The government may not want to admit it, but the Paris climate change agreement has big implications for New Zealand.

In the electricity sector we need to get to 100% renewable generation as quickly as possible. That means we need to close the coal-fired power station at Huntly and other gas-fired power plants around the country.

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