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 October 16, 2018
Rising CO2 levels, uncertain gas supplies and skyrocketing power prices are sure signs that it’s time for New Zealanders to switch to cleaner, cheaper and more reliable solar energy with battery storage.

Dirty coal and gas are not going to be part of New Zealand’s energy future and the sooner we can phase them out the better. The reasons for doing that are being highlighted this week and will continue to make headlines for weeks to come.

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 October 5, 2018
We’ve launched a nationwide solar marae project that aims to drive down the cost of power for Māori communities and create employment, while looking out for the environment.

It’s an exciting initiative to return power to the people and help them to take action against climate change. Following a number of hui in the Whanganui region we launched the project at Whangaehu Marae which was covered by Maori Television. 

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 August 27, 2018
Did you know that families in some parts of New Zealand pay up to 40% more for their power than Aucklanders?

Surprised? Don’t worry you’re not alone. We recently hit the streets of Auckland to talk to people about power prices. Few realised those prices varied around the country, let alone that there were massive differences. You can see their responses in part 3 of our video series.

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 August 17, 2018
Power prices have been in the news a lot recently, especially as Kiwis have struggled to pay the costs of staying warm this winter.

One story, in particular, captured the mood of the nation revealing that 9 out of 10 Kiwis believe electricity prices are too high and that over half feel they are getting an unfair deal from their retailer.

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 August 6, 2018
Over the years I’ve regularly been assigned to find out how Kiwis feel about topical issues. That’s involved going out and asking people for their opinions on everything from sending NZ troops overseas to what presents to buy for Christmas. Getting someone to share their thoughts for publication is never easy. Asking them to do it on camera can be a deal breaker.

So, when we hit the streets of Auckland in late July to find out what people thought about NZ power prices, I was prepared for a long haul. It turned out there was nothing to worry about. Nearly everyone we spoke to wanted to talk about their power bills. On average they were paying about $200 a month during winter. There were a few around $300. The highest was $600!

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