Beat petrol price hikes with an electric car powered by solarZero

With new fuel taxes hitting drivers from this Sunday, we did some calculations on the costs of fuelling an electric car compared to a petrol car. The results are great news, especially if your home is powered by our solarZero energy service.

Powering an electric car with solarZero is more than 80% cheaper than fuelling a petrol car. With solarZero you can reduce your combined home and vehicle energy costs by around 50%. 

Our solarZero service combines solar power, battery storage and access to wholesale spot prices for grid power. And, because it's a service, there are no product or installation costs for the panels or battery. Instead, homeowners pay a low, fixed monthly fee that can save them thousands of dollars over the next 20 years.

We based our vehicle savings on Auckland prices, as that’s where the new taxes will have the biggest impact - about 15c a litre more at the petrol pump in the coming weeks. 

That said, an electric car powered by solarZero will save you money no matter where you live.

Government figures show a car is driven an average of 14,000 km a year and uses about 8 litres of petrol per 100km. Over a month it will travel about 1,200 km and use 96 litres. Assuming petrol is selling for $2.20 per litre your monthly petrol bill will add up to $210.

An average electric car, like a Nissan Leaf, will use 200 kWh of electricity over a month at an average cost of 24 cents/kWh for power to charge the battery from the grid. That adds up $48.

Now, if your home is powered by our solarZero energy service, the average unit cost of your power is 17.5 cents/kWh. That adds up to just $35.

So, to make sense of all those figures, powering an electric car with solarZero is 83% cheaper than powering a car with petrol in Auckland. It’s also 27% cheaper to power that car on solarZero compared to grid power.

That’s a massive difference. Plus, by switching both your home and vehicle to cleaner energy you’re also helping to reduce our nation’s carbon footprint at a critical time.

Our mission has always been to help homeowners and businesses switch to clean power while saving on energy costs. Electric cars are the cleanest-running vehicles on the road. Charging them on solarZero makes them that much better.