solarZero + high speed broadband = more cost savings for Kiwis

solarZero, New Zealand’s leading solar energy company, announced enhancements to its solarZero energy service to include high-speed broadband and bundled benefits for Kiwi homeowners.

solarZero has curated a suite of smart home services that goes beyond simply installing solar panels and a smart battery to homes around New Zealand. As part of their ‘smart home upgrade’ they have added a new high-speed broadband bundle powered by 2degrees, offering solarZero customers an all-in-one service.

solarZero customers have the option of adding high-speed broadband, powered by 2degrees, to their solarZero energy service, with two data speed packages available - solarZero Unlimited Broadband 100/20Mbps or solarZero Ultimate Unlimited Broadband 900/400Mbps. By adding broadband to their solarZero service, customers enjoy competitive pricing as well as additional benefits that other broadband providers don’t offer, such as regular mysolarZero store credits of $600-$800 every five years, a free Amazon Echo Show 5 device valued at $140, and a free energy-efficient Panasonic appliance valued up to $1500 upon installation of the solarZero + broadband system to their home. A free modem valued at $165 is also included as part of the broadband service. Altogether solarZero Unlimited Broadband and Ultimate Unlimited Broadband customers receive additional benefits valued at $4,205 and $5,005 respectively over the 20-year term of the solarZero agreement.

“By bundling our solarZero energy service with broadband we offer our customers a curated range of services and products to make their life simpler and easier while saving more on their household’s outgoings. High-speed data is essential to run a smart home, providing enough capacity to accommodate the needs of our modern lifestyles, such as streaming content, virtual meetings, online gaming, and running the smart appliances and devices that makes our lives easier. Reliable energy and internet connection are more important than ever, with more people combining working and studying from home into their lives,” says Neil Cowie, CEO, solarZero.

solarZero offers customers a fixed monthly fee that combines both their solarZero energy fee and the broadband option of their choice, at a price that is fixed for 20 years. With broadband powered by 2degrees and appliances from Panasonic, solarZero have worked with their business partners to customise a bundled service package that is in line with the company’s mission to deliver cost savings for Kiwis.

solarZero gives Kiwi homeowners an affordable way to go solar without paying for the system upfront, using a subscription service, with a fixed monthly fee starting from $85+GST per month. The solarZero service integrates solar panels, a 6.4kWh Panasonic battery, a smart energy platform to manage and monitor energy flow, and a net price-protected rate of 8c/kWh for grid power[1]

Bundled with the solarZero service fee, high-speed broadband is available for an additional $74+GST/month for solarZero Unlimited Broadband, or $96+GST/month for solarZero Ultimate Unlimited Broadband, giving customers the ability to connect their smart, sustainable homes, as well as save on their power bills in one bundled service fee.

The mysolarzero store has a variety of smart and energy-efficient Panasonic home appliances to choose from at competitive members-only prices. solarZero customers who add the broadband bundle receive a free appliance worth up to $1,500 from the store and continue to earn mysolarZero store credits valued from $600-$800 to redeem on their choice of other items from the mysolarZero store every five years of their service agreement.

“Our customers now have the ability to lock in today’s prices for both their energy and broadband costs, which not only provides savings over the entire term of their solarZero agreement, but they can enjoy additional benefits like free energy-efficient appliances from our mysolarZero store,” says Mr Cowie.

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[1] solarZero price protection cap of 8c/kWh applies to the net price-protected rate of grid power from retail partner Ecotricity and excludes lines and network charges and GST. This price protection applies for the term of the solarZero agreement.