Building a Grid for Good

After living in Australia for a number of years, where solar-powered homes were commonplace, solar power was top of mind when Carol and her husband Phil returned to NZ to reside in Fielding. 

When the couple originally started looking into options, their focus was on saving money on their hot water heating, but soon realised that solar energy technology in NZ had progressed since those early days.  

Browsing through her Facebook feed one day, Carol discovered that the solarZero service offered no upfront costs – a factor that had prevented them from seriously considering solar in the past.

“We knew that this was the way of the future and were excited to see the unique offering with the  solarZero energy service. Our hope is that in the future our neighbourhood will be just like what we saw in Australia - with solar panels on all the roofs in our neighbourhood.”

It is expected that in their first year Carol and her husband will save $640 by using the solarZero service, and in 20 years this will add up to over $28,000 in savings.

Carol is now such a fan of the solarZero service that she has referred two of her friends to join her in the “Grid for Good’ and solar-power their homes with solarZero.