Celebrating the Dads making a difference

We're lucky at solarZero to have a team of passionate people who care about the environment and helping create a brighter future for the generations to follow.

To celebrate Father's day, and the many Dads amongst the solarZero team, we asked some of the 'solarZero Dads' how they're making a difference.

Here's what some of our Super solarZero Dads had to say:

I have been an advocate of solar energy for a long time. The way that solarZero is transforming the way that kiwis power their homes is revolutionary. I am proud to show my daughter what I have been a part of, and why solar energy is so important for both her and my future.

- Derek Maher - Head of Engagement & Channel Development

The mahi that the team at solarZero, and our partners, do each day is helping to drive the change that is needed right now to ensure our kids and future generations can enjoy the same quality of life we had growing up. Climate change is a collective challenge that we must address to preserve many of the things we take for granted. I see my role as helping support the solarZero team achieve our vision of a cleaner, brighter New Zealand. As a Dad I think raising awareness on climate change with our families (although my kids are certainly very interested in the topic) and having conversations about what we can do as a family and individuals is important.

- Matt Ward - Chief Financial Officer

I am proud to be part of a business which is making a difference by harnessing the power of the sun. Kaitiakitanga to me is being a part of this growing community and raising awareness of this infinite source. Through my work, I am helping to target people and empower our teams to be part of this movement.

- Kalpit Shah - Sales & Marketing Data Analyst

I am extremely privileged to be part of the solarZero project, the GridforGoodTM. We are building a virtual, decentralised, power plant. In the near future we will be able to avoid rolling black outs by simply flipping the switch, and sending 1 kWh out of each of our batteries back to the Grid to meet peak demand. Effectively eliminating the need to wait hours to get a dirty coal power turbine to get into gear.

The generation before me didn't realise the full impact of fossil fuels and global warming. If we leave it to the next generation, it might be too late to avoid runaway climate change. That is why I take pride in being part of the only generation who has a shot at avoiding catastrophe. I am proud of doing my bit in tackling our climate emergency by being part of the solarZero movement.

- Chris Burman - KAM Team Leader

I'm proud to be part of such an amazing journey with solarZero. With that in mind, I've been building my own solar system out of 80% recycled materials.

All my lithium batteries have been recycled out of defibrillator and scooter batteries. Removing the 18650 cells, testing them and building them into a 50V nominal lithium-ion battery. I've also involved 2 high school boys to assist in the recycling and in return helped them to build an electric scooter.

All the covers/boxing to house the batteries came out of recycled LCD computer screens and the copper busbars and copper cable for the batteries has been recycled from scrap cables.

This has been a long ongoing project (hobby) and I don't think I'll ever stop recycling. There are always more projects that will need these batteries and teaching others the same is the goal.

To date I've recycled just over 15,000 lithium cells from going to the dump (around 760kg) and am still going strong. This project is challenging but I've learned a lot in the process and my daughter has assisted me with part of the project (only what she finds fun to do).

Bought the MG ZS EV about 2 months ago to reduce my carbon footprint even more and installed 47 solar panels to date and have plans to install another 25 panels in the next 3-6 months. In the end I hope to be producing more than what our household consumes and be carbon neutral.

- From Willem Potgieter - Technical Trainer

Over two decades, starting in the 1980’s as a volunteer for the international environment group Greenpeace, going door to door to solicit donations, I became a leader of what became the world's largest environmental group. I came of age with Greenpeace, embodying its radical spirit and was part of the team that stopped the dumping of nuclear waste at sea, stopped the killing of whales and raised the alarm globally to stop climate change before it was too late.

solarZero makes a difference for families and communities across our nation every day. We are at the forefront of changing the way our nation is powered and we will be at the heart of the transformation New Zealand and New Zealanders need to achieve our zero carbon targets.

I try hard every day to embody our core value of Kaitiakitanga, both in the work I do and the conversations I have with everyone I meet to advocate for the change we all need to make to put things right for the next generation. My partner and I are currently personally planting thousands of trees across the fields around our home in Nelson for our children and grandchildren so we can say to them that we did everything we could do to stop climate change.

- From Andy Booth - Founder