Customer story: Geert van de Vorstenbosch

Nestled between farmland, the ocean and their neighbours’ homes, Geert’s family of five, a dog, cat and eight chickens, are living the quarter-acre dream in their 1960s Otaki beach home. This was made even more so by the recent installation of a solarZero system consisting of 11 solar panels and a smart battery.

Geert, Director of a Structural Engineering Consulting company, first decided that he wanted to explore getting solar installed as a way to reduce their dependency on the grid as well as reduce their carbon footprint.

And, he says, solarZero was the only company he considered as “only solarZero makes it possible to have solar power without requiring a large capital investment.”

Why solarZero?

He chose solarZero due to the fact that it required no upfront investment, the opportunity to be more self-reliant, save money, and give back to the community. And, he sees the smart battery as a crucial part of the solar installation.

It allows our household to use the solar we generated during the day and that’s stored in the battery during the power-power periods, especially when the sun has gone for the day.

To keep on top of things, Geert is a regular user of the mysolarZero dashboard using it to track his solar generation and use (on an almost daily basis!) shop the e-store for Panasonic products and refer his friends and family. Gert thinks that anyone even considering getting solar installed on their home should “do it sooner rather than later, and go with solarZero.”

Staying connected to the web

As part of the installation and set-up, Geert took advantage of our 2degrees broadband deal. He had been with 2degrees previously, so he knew it was a great company to be a customer of, and it would add to his overall savings as well as coming with a number of extra bonuses - like the Panasonic Lumix camera he’s now the proud owner of.

Finally, Geert says that one of the best things about solarZero is that it gives him the opportunity to reduce his impact on planet earth. He’s also a big fan of the heavy metal band Iron Maiden whose lead singer Bruce Dickinson is an environmental activist! Coincidence? We’ll let you decide.