Overlooking Martin and Gina's house and the view over McLeod Bay

Customer story: Martin and Gina Harrap

Martin and Gina Harrap live out in McLeod Bay, overlooking the inner harbour and just a stone's throw away from the beach. Now retired after working full-time in the hospitality profession and education sector they absolutely love the tranquillity and amazing community environment - and powering their home with solarZero.

Like many solarZero customers they had always wanted solar energy, but the cost had been prohibitive and they weren’t able to afford the initial installation costs. 

So when they discovered solarZero and the fact that there were no upfront costs - for either the system or the installation - they were sold.

As the sun appears behind the house in the morning, we ‘see and feel it’ until it drops down in the west at night - it seemed the more sensible idea to harness this ‘free’ energy. But, at our age, we’re not prepared to pay out the $25-30K that we were told it would be. The energy service model and the flexibility is what clinched it for us.

The solarZero smart battery keeping the lights on in the event of a power cut

The battery was also a great bonus and has proved its usefulness to the couple, keeping their essentials running while the power was out elsewhere.

We had a couple of occasions where we have ‘lost’ power owing to a storm or work being done on the outside power lines. It was a great comfort to know that we had some power for the fridge and some lighting.

And, Martin tracks their energy use on the mysolarZero dashboard, keeping a spreadsheet updated to track their solar generation, energy usage - and savings - month to month.

Solar panels on Martin and Gina's roof, overlooking the farmland behind their home

As for the 20-year agreement? While they have no intention of moving anytime soon (and why would you with that view?) the 20-year agreement didn’t faze them as they knew there were options if they decided they needed to sell their home - like adding the cost of paying off the rest of the solarZero energy services fee and adding it to the sale price of the house.

As part of their energy service, Martin and Gina opted to bundle broadband, powered by 2degrees, in with solarZero, saving them $15 on their monthly broadband bill, and taking advantage of the upgrade offer to receive a bonus Panasonic Smart television.

But, what do they think the best thing about running their home on solarZero is? 

We love watching the sun save us money and the benefits for the environment. It helps us feel like we’re doing our bit.