Five minutes with solarcity's CEO

Our CEO, Andrew Booth, was recently interviewed by Good Magazine. Here's what they talked about.

Q: Where did the idea behind solarZero stem from?

A: solarcity has been around for 35 years so we knew that 85% of Kiwis loved the idea of generating their own power using solar - for both financial and environmental reasons - but the majority were put off by the price of buying a system. We wanted to give all Kiwis the chance to go solar. We removed that price barrier so homeowners could go solar without any upfront costs.

Q: How does solarZero work?

A: With our solarZero plan you buy solar power, not the solar panels. You pay a fixed monthly fee, guaranteed for 20 years, for your solar power while we pay for the panels, installation, maintenance, monitoring and insurance.

Q: What are the three main things people should know about solarZero?

A: With our solarZero plan the price of solar power is less than the average rate for electricity from the national grid. As power prices have gone up around 150% in the past 20 years, locking in the price for your daytime energy could save thousands of dollars over the long term. The more solar power you use the more savings you'll make, which is why we size our systems to your daytime energy needs.

Q: Is everyone eligible for solarZero?

A: Solar is best suited to houses where there is someone at home during the day. This is one of the questions we ask in our simple online survey to see if a home qualifies for solarZero. If you can answer 'yes' to that, plus your home has a roof facing North, East or West and your monthly power bill is over $125, then you're well on the way.

Q: How is it possible to manage a fixed rate for the next 20 years?

A: Our solarZero plan relies on a large uptake which is why we've removed the price barrier that was stopping Kiwis going solar. Our fixed monthly rate gives you financial certainty and security. As a business, it gives us the same benefits which will help us to build a strong renewable energy company.