Clinton, Eugene and Darryl Fernandes are happy they chose solarZero for their home

Fixed monthly fees a family favourite

The Fernandes family of Auckland have been solarZero customers since January 2019. They first learned about the new service when their son, who was working for the company, told them all about the benefits of the new service first-hand. They realised their home would be perfect for solarZero, a new solar energy service that allows customers to ‘stream the sun’. The most appealing feature of the service for the family was that there were no upfront costs to have the system installed, and that all the maintenance, servicing and technology updates were managed by solarcity.

“It’s a pretty hands-off system, just the way I like it. Any repairs and upgrades to the system are managed for us,” says Darryl Fernandes.

Fixed monthly fee seals the deal

With five occupants and one dog living in their home, and power bills increasing over the past few years, locking in a fixed monthly fee that remained unchanged for 20 years sealed the deal.

“What’s better than paying the same price for energy in 20 years as you pay today? Before solarZero our summer power bill was over $440. This summer it was $154 for the solarZero fee and grid charges,” says Darryl.

The 12 solar panels on the Fernandes' roof supplies them with plenty of clean energy to power their home.

Low-priced grid power a bonus

The Fernandes family get their grid energy from solarZero partner Ecotricity, who as well as being Toitū carbonzero certified, also provide a net price-protected rate for solarZero customers (excludes GST, lines and network charges).

It's great knowing you get a price protected rate for grid power. I’m expecting even greater savings on my power costs year on year, and won’t be worrying when I see electricity charges rising in the market,” says Darryl.

Worry-free heating and cooling

With cooler temperatures and winter coming soon, the Fernandes family don’t have to worry about having the heaters on and their power bills skyrocketing. And in the hot humid summer months, they can run the air conditioning to keep their home comfortably cool. The family have implemented other ways to reduce their power bills, such as setting the heated floors on a timed schedule.

Peace of mind 

Although the family have no immediate plans to move house, they already had the discussion with solarcity about what their options would be before they signed up, and are comfortable that when the time comes, they can choose what will work best for them. 

And having a 20-year service agreement is a good thing says Darryl, as the fixed monthly fee never changes, despite inflation and rising power prices in the market.

“Over a longer period of time your savings keep on increasing more because the cost of power goes higher and higher every year. Since installing solarZero our power bills have slashed by nearly 50%,” says Darryl

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