Going Green

With the Go Green Expo exhibiting around the country it highlights a need to think about ways to incorporate cleaner technologies into all aspects of your life.  Solar power systems generate clean, pure energy from the sun. When you install solar panels on your home, you help combat greenhouse gas emissions and their effects on global warming. By doing this you are doing something positive towards reducing our collective dependence on fossil fuels and highlight the importance of sustainable living. Not only are fossil fuels bad the environment they are also a finite resource, their limited availability creates a volatile market in which energy prices can skyrocket in a short period of time.

solarcity has recently introduced a new solar program that offers customers the ability to live more sustainably, by paying a monthly solar fee to purchase solar power without the need to purchase the panels outright, a sustainable and efficient way to purchase power.

The first of its kind in New Zealand, solarZero is quickly gaining momentum with installations now completed in both North and South Islands. solarZero allows customers to lock in their rate of solar power for the next 20 years, giving customers certainty on the future of their power bill and household costs.