solarcity supports a "Fair Go for Solar" Petition

Having driven up the price of power in our nation to record highs the power companies now seem to be deliberately setting our to strangle the growth of solar in 2015.

Green Party MP Gareth Hughes is launching a petition calling on the Government to empower the Electricity Authority to act as an independent umpire to set fair, reasonable buy-back rates for solar power generation.  

"We can support clean energy without subsidies by simply empowering the Electricity Authority to set a fair and reasonable buy-back rate", said Green energy spokesperson Gareth Hughes.

"Small-scale solar is growing fast, up a phenomenal 330% over the last two years, however recent changes made to the buy-back rate by Meridian and Contact Energy, has the potential to stop this fast-growing sector in its tracks by increasing uncertainty for small-scale generators".

At solarcity it is hard for us to watch the major electricity retailers, play games with customers who have been promised cash for excess generation, flexing their collective muscle to try to slow down New Zealand's shift to solar power.  It is a timely reminder of why we have introduced solarZero which helps our customers  outsmart the power companies by locking in a cheaper price for power from solar without the need to sell any power back to the power companies.

A totally new way to beat the old fashioned power companies founded on fairness and certainty.

The absence of a regulated price for power generated by solar is out of step with many of the worlds leading economies and is totally at odds with the government's desire to reduce the cost of energy and ensure our nations supply is 90% renewable by 2025.  It is very surprising that the Electricity Authority and the Treasury is not at the very least providing certainty to consumers who want to help the nation achieve its climate change targets and lock in a fairer price for power.

While the energy companies and the government argue we have stepped in to deliver certainty by launching solarZero, the clever way to outsmart the power companies in 2015.