Greenpeace gets a solar boost

We have a lot in common with our friends at Greenpeace when it comes to campaigning for action on climate change and switching to renewable energy.

Like us, they love the benefits of generating clean solar power right where it’s needed. As early adopters, they installed a small solar photovoltaic array on the roof of their Auckland office about a decade ago. When we heard they wanted to boost their solar capacity we jumped at the chance to be involved and expanded their system with the latest technology, including 56 new panels. Now they’re harnessing even more of the sun’s energy which is generating about a third of their power.

That’s going to make a big difference. First up there are the environmental benefits. Over the lifetime of the system, their solar generation will save about 50 tonnes of CO2-e entering the atmosphere. That’s equivalent to the carbon savings of about 1,300 trees.

The increase in solar generation will also save Greenpeace about $3000 on power bills this year alone. That’s a lot for an organisation that relies on individual donors for all its funding. Instead, that money will be put to far better use on campaigns to protect the planet for future generations.


Video credits: Greenpeace NZ