solarZero installed on Noeline Marsh and Greg Milne's home.

Helping the planet with solarZero

We first discovered solarZero while on Facebook and were impressed with the company's vision to help New Zealanders achieve the 100% renewable energy goal. We were further assured to see that Sir Stephen Tindell’s K1W1 Fund was one of the financiers, which helped us feel more comfortable that solarZero was credible and trustworthy. When we bought our house in 2011 we thought about having solar installed but the cost was too high. We had tenants living in the house and only recently moved back in so we looked at solar again. After seeing solarZero we were very keen.

The no upfront costs, the number of panels being put on the house, the battery system, and the guarantee that our power bills would be cheaper convinced us that solarZero would work for us. Initially, we took some time to understand how it would work, and to understand the mysolarZero dashboard better. The team at solarZero were very patient and took the time to explain what was happening.

I was expecting massive cost savings straight away, but realise that with solarZero our savings increase over the entire 20 year period, and that we get to use the system without having to invest thousands of dollars for panels and a smart battery. Solar energy levels naturally fluctuate between the seasons, so the fixed monthly fee helps spread the costs over the whole year, which is great for budgeting. 

The mysolarZero dashboard helps me track my electricity usage so I can time my appliance use when the sun is out to make the most of the solar energy being produced, and I turn off any devices using power when they’re not needed.

The best thing about using solar energy is the feeling that we are doing something for the planet, that there was no cost to us to get it installed initially, and that the power bills are lower. It's also good to know that if there is ever an outage of power we will still have power.

Noeline Marsh and Greg Milne have 12 solarZero panels and a solarZero smart battery installed on their home and will save approximately 27% on their energy bill over 20 years.