Huge support for zero carbon future

We're supporting the government's plans for a zero carbon future.

Today WWF-New Zealand and Generation Zero delivered an open letter signed by solarcity and over 200 other New Zealand businesses, community organisations and leaders to climate minister James Shaw.

The letter congratulated the government on setting “a new, bold, ambitious goal of getting our country to net zero emissions by 2050” and expressed confidence that this goal was 100 per cent possible.

The signatories pledged to keep “rising to the challenge” of moving to a clean energy future, and offered their support to government in building the “architecture for a fair, equitable, just transition to a safe climate future for all New Zealanders”.

Tomorrow the government will start consultation on the proposed new law that will become the Zero Carbon Act.

As the first solar energy company in the world to gain carbonNZero certification, our vision is to help NZ move to 100% renewable energy. With our solarZero energy service we're making it easy for Kiwi families to switch to cleaner power.

We estimate that by powering your home with solarZero you’ll stop about 15 tonnes of CO2 entering the atmosphere over the next 20 years. That’s equivalent to the carbon savings of about 40 trees.

ZCA business letter