Introducing more of the women at solarZero

In celebration of International Women's day, we decided to shine a light on some of the amazing women who make up the solarZero sunshine crew.

Laura Slaallekker

Laura Staallekker is one of our Installer Coordinators for the North Island. She works behind the scenes ensuring the successful installation of the solarZero system for our customers. She's worked with us for just a year, but she's already a beloved member of the team.

When asked about how she’s finding work at solarZero she responded that “I have always been treated with lots of respect, and am in a great work environment every day with colleagues and our contractors and installation teams.”

How does she find success in her work life?

To me, it has always proven to be positive and know your strengths. I have always been honest about my mistakes and weaknesses and have therefore learned to deal with my mistakes to not repeat them again and to learn from them in the future. The most important thing to me is respect and kindness which has always given me the best experiences in my work and private life.

Keen to join Laura as an Installation Coordinator - we're hiring

Ofa Lewis is our Director of Customer Experience, and has been with solarZero since 2015!  As well as her commitment to her full-time role with us, she finds time to co-found a community-led initiative that produces animated content aimed to address the social, cultural, wellbeing and educational issues facing the pacific people - in particular pacific children. 

As a proud Pacific woman, I have a passion to be a pioneer for change, which means working on something that’s bigger than ourselves. To have the ability to have a direct impact on the planet is mind-blowing, and for that impact to benefit the generations to come is something special. I count myself fortunate to be a part of it.

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Liesel Rowe, Snr Marketing Manager and Sustainability lead has also been with us for many years (since 2014 in fact).

She’s passionate about the environment and helping everyone make choices that have a positive impact - whether that’s at home, in the community, or at work. 

Sometimes sustainability sounds like a topic that is too big to understand or feel like you can make a difference in. But change really happens when lots of people make lots of small changes - like using a keep cup, shopping at a refillery, or swapping shampoo bottles for shampoo bars. Pick three things you want to commit to, and you’d be surprised how quickly change happens.

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Georgia Campbell

Georgia Campbell is also a relatively new member of the solarZero team, joining us in 2021 and jumping right into the role of Digital Product Owner.

It’s her job to assist in the planning and decision making for technical solutions. A lot of this includes understanding the impact that technology will have on the customer as well as the different stakeholders in the business.

My main advice would be to work for a company that you care about. The transition between sales and product is quite organic and happens for a lot of product owners. So, if you’re working for a company you care about and are interested in making the transition, I’d say just go for it.

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