Kiwi solar and battery storage service wins major green award

A unique energy service that combines battery storage and rooftop solar without any equipment costs for Kiwi homeowners has won a major green award for innovation.

The solarZero+ energy service was launched by New Zealand’s leading solar company, solarcity, at the start of this year. Over the weekend it won the award for the most innovative new service at the annual Sustainable Electricity Association New Zealand awards.

solarcity CEO Andrew Booth says the company’s solar and battery service is rapidly increasing the uptake of solar in New Zealand.

“Switching to solar with solarZero+ gives Kiwis the ability to make a real difference in the fight against climate change without worrying about return on investment, or ongoing maintenance. Solar and battery storage are going to be a vital part of our nation’s clean energy future,” he says.

“Until recently, the only option for Kiwis wanting to go solar was to spend a lot of money on buying the equipment and then looking after it. That was enough to put most of them off doing anything.

“Our solarZero+ energy service has completely changed that. We’ve made it easy and affordable to go solar as you don’t pay for the panels or the battery. Instead, you buy clean, affordable solar energy, generated on your roof by solar panels that we own and manage. You simply pay a low, fixed monthly fee for our energy services providing solar power and improved energy efficiency.”

solarcity launched its standard solarZero energy service last year which won the 2015 SEANZ innovation award. It added battery storage 12 months later to create solarZero+.

Adding a battery means excess solar power generated during the day can be stored and used at night. It can also supply backup emergency power to a few critical devices if the grid goes down.

“We always knew that creating a service providing solar power and battery storage was a winning combination for homeowners so it’s awesome that solarZero+ has been recognised for making a difference already,” says Booth.

The solarZero+ energy service was also a finalist for the innovation category of the 2016 Sustainable Business Network Awards.