Let's explain: guaranteed savings from year one

When kiwis look at alternative ways to power their homes they normally assume that purchasing solar panels and a battery outright is the only way that they can make a change. Along comes solarZero. solarZero is an energy service meaning that we take care of everything while kiwi homeowners sit back and enjoy the benefits of the service. One of the many benefits of solarZero is guaranteed savings from year one. 

So what does guaranteed savings mean exactly?  

When you join solarZero we look at your recent power bills. This helps us get to know your home - the amount of energy that is being used, as well as any variances that our team should account for. 

Using your power bills the team then looks at your roof to review how many panels we are able to install, as well as the orientation. This will give us the magic formula to be able to understand what you could save with solarZero. 

The savings we provide to homeowners are an estimate - we guarantee that kiwis who power their home with solarZero will save at least $1. What can impact this savings estimate are things that are just out of our control including - more energy use in the home, or even not as much sunshine that year. Plus, most importantly the savings are estimated over the entire year. That’s something that people forget. Often when customers join solarZero they look at the estimated savings number and then divide this by 12 months thinking it will be exactly the same each month. That’s just not the case. There are many variables to factor in, that vary both depending on the season and factors in your home. 

One of the key features of solarZero is that your personal energy specialist is always on hand to review how the service is operating in your home. At the end of the first year with us they will review your account to make sure everything is working as we would expect, and that you are on your way to enjoying the next 20 years with us.