Meet the team: James Hanff

James recently started with solarcity in the technology team as an Energy Services specialist. In his role James will be analysing energy data to provide insight into the system performance of our solarZero panels and batteries, as well as working on continuous improvements to the solarZero energy service.

What is your experience that has lead you to solarcity?

It all started when I studied a Bachelor of Applied Science in Energy Management and Finance at Uni. Fast forward a few years and I started work in solar operations for Infinite Energy NZ, focusing on sales, system design and installation. Most recently I was a service technician and product trainer for Australia where I helped with onsite training for sales and installation partners as well as remote design.

What sorts of technology will you be involved in at solarcity?

All the tech of the not to near future - EVs and charging as well as home automation. As well as continuing to work on the interaction between solar, our battery and the grid.

What attracted you to solarcity?

Definitely the environmental aspect, it’s awesome to work for a company with a focus on minimising the impacts of climate change. As well as the opportunity to change the way kiwis power their homes with the increased uptake of solar and battery storage through our solarZero energy service.

What is your favourite feature of the solarZero energy service?

Definitely the unique ability for the service to optimise solar and battery schedules to minimise power consumption from the grid during peak times to help reduce stress on the grid while also maximising savings.

Your advice to others interested in getting into technology?

Things constantly change and everyone does things differently or use different jargon so don’t be afraid to ask the “dumb” questions.

Best environmental tip?

Don’t waste! A third of all the food we raise or grow is never eaten and accounts for about 8% of the world’s total emissions.

Something we wouldn’t know about you?

I am also a qualified ski instructor and have spent a few winters teaching in Japan at Rusutsu Resort

On the weekend we will find you...

During winter I’m on the mountain skiing and during summer out on the water fishing and diving.