Meet the team: Ofa Lewis, Director of Customer Experience

Ofa Lewis joined solarZero in 2015, and while she’s worn many hats she is now the Director of Customer Experience.

In this role, she manages the operations side of the customer experience teams and is charged with driving the transformation of how we serve our customers. She also investigates how technology and ongoing process improvements will help provide solarZero customers with a world-class experience. 

“Customer experience is an integral part of the solarZero service, and as our customers are signing up to a 20-year agreement it’s vital that we get it right. Part of my role is to understand where we may not be meeting customer expectations and then figure out how we can best address this, and put in place the right processes to resolve the issue long term.”

Before she joined solarZero she headed up customer operations for a large direct retailer. When the opportunity arose to join solarZero she saw it not only as a perfect fit for her skill set, but the business also aligns with her personal values and beliefs, making it a no-brainer.

“Job satisfaction and career development are obviously important in our lives. However, when I took a step back the question I asked myself was; ‘what am I passionate about and how can I take my skills, experience and knowledge and lend it to an industry that promotes a greater cause.”

Within minutes of meeting and talking with the CEO, she knew she wanted to join.

What she loves about solarZero

What Ofa loves the most about working for solarZero is that everyone is united by one goal - to help transition New Zealand to 100% renewable energy - and she firmly believes that with unity, anything is possible.

Talking about her passion for the environment she says that “The aspect about the environment I am most passionate about is linked to one of the core values at solarZero: Kaitiakitanga. It just makes sense that we guard and protect where we live, not just for ourselves, but for the generations that will follow.”

And, when confronted about the long (20 years) term for the solarZero service her response is that you have to buy electricity for the rest of your life anyway. 

“Until recently power companies have been the only choice for Kiwis. But with services like solarZero, you can now have more control over your energy costs and decide whether you power your home with cheaper, cleaner energy.”

Proud Pacific roots

“As a proud Pacific woman, I have a passion to be a pioneer for change, which means working on something that’s bigger than ourselves. To have the ability to have a direct impact on the planet is mind-blowing, and for that impact to benefit the generations to come is something special. I count myself fortunate to be a part of it.”

And, Ofa’s work at solarZero isn’t her only outlet for following her passion and having an impact. She co-founded Pacific Learner Education with her husband, a community-led initiative that produces animated content aimed to address the social, cultural, wellbeing and educational issues facing the pacific people - in particular pacific children. A recent animated video featured types of sustainable energy systems with Tongan translations. 

“My responsibility is to help educate the next generation so they can become aware of the issues facing the pacific and hopefully ignite their passion by forging a career path within the industry.”

Her advice?

If you’re interested in following your passion in your 9-5, no matter where you are in your career or what skills you have, you can make a difference. Do some research into the types of roles associated with the industry, talk to businesses and people who already work in the industry or job you’re interested in, then narrow down your position to what interests you the most.

And, there’s a range of roles currently available at solarZero. Check them out here, or give us a call - we’d love to hear from you.