Meet the Upper Clutha solarZero sales team

When you first make an inquiry about joining solarZero it’s our sales team who are at the end of the phone, talking you through the unique benefits of solarZero, and answering your questions.

After several months of talking to Upper Clutha residents, our team have got to know the community well and understand the impact that building a virtual power plant through smart solar-powered homes will make on the region’s energy future.   

Introducing some of the members of our dedicated Upper Clutha sales team: 

 Jamie Doggett, solar specialist
Golden Bay 

Hailing from London, Jamie has called NZ home for over 15 years and loves working from his home office.  

“I love my job where I get to help others and play my part in the solution to climate change. The brilliant thing about working remotely is you can choose where you want to live, rather than have to live where you want to work.

I'm proud to be a part of this project which lays the groundwork for the smart grid of the future, it’s really exciting.”

When he’s not helping save the planet, Jamie can be found woodworking in his garage workshop or making things with his 3D printer - like the ‘wool bowl’ made from biodegradable plastic (PLA) that he made for his wife, which holds a ball of wool while knitting. 


Christopher Burman, Key Account Manager - Team Leader

Christopher leads a team of six in our Auckland office while also actively involved in talking to homeowners about the benefits of solarZero.

Christopher loves to travel and has lived in Luxembourg, Sydney and Melbourne in Australia, Washington DC and San Francisco in the United States, before settling in New Zealand 16 years ago.   

Passionate about tackling climate change  Christopher worked with Greenpeace prior to solarZero. 

“Working on the Upper Clutha Project is a privilege, we are trail blazers. Quite a few of the locals I have spoken with really understand the bigger picture and see that they are not only doing the right thing for themselves, but also for their community and New Zealand.”

Listen to Christopher discussing solarZero with journalist Nikki Mandow from Newsroom, in a podcast interview.

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