Meet the team: Aditya Bogati

Aditya is part of our solarcity sales team in Nelson. He has been with the business for three years now and loves talking to all the kiwis who are keen to join our Grid for Good service. We catch up with Adi between customer calls to learn about what he enjoys most about his role. 

Name: Aditya Bogati
Position: Solar Advisor
Started with solarcity: 2016

What made you join solarcity initially? 

I was interviewed by a high energy manager whose passion for what solarcity were doing was something I couldn’t forget. 

What does your role entail? 

When customers first enquire with us I am the first person to make contact with them to talk them with our service, and the benefit that it would make to their home both environmentally and in terms of savings on their bills.  

What are the changes that you have seen during your time in the business? 

solarZero has developed a lot in terms of the service that it is offering New Zealanders and the number of Kiwis who want to hear more about our service. It is a really exciting time to be a part of the business. 

What is your favourite feature of the solarZero energy service? 

I think it is pretty awesome that we can monitor our customers energy usage and that they can login to see what is happening in their home. It really helps us to proactively advise our customers on their power use and allows us to provide them with advise on how to make smarter decisions.

Best environmental tip?

Buy an electric car! They are both cost effective because you are no longer paying for fuel, and your doing something pretty awesome for the environment at the same time. 

Something we wouldn’t know about you... 

I have done 14 vipassana meditation courses which involved noble silence where no one is allowed to talk for 10 days. 

On the weekend we will find you… 

I love long drive so you will find me visiting different places. My most recent road trip was to Cable Bay. Plus I’m a huge fan of cricket so when there is a game on I’m always watching.