Meet the team: Ke Yang

Ke Yang has joined the solarcity team as a technical lead. In his role he will be looking at the data and analytics that drive the solarZero energy service that allow us to continually optimise the solution for our customers homes.

What is your experience that has lead you to solarcity?

For the last 11 years or so I have been working as a full stack developer, with interests in all kinds of different software technology including web development, data science, machine learning and natural language processing to name a few.

What will a technology role at solarcity look for you?

I will be using a variation of software such as Python, Java and D3js to to create long term solutions for our customers such as showing their savings over the entirety of the 20 year energy service.

Why were you attracted to solarcity?

The team here are constantly innovating and the challenges that they are coming up with solutions for are of huge benefit to our customers. So far it has been awesome to be working in a fast, flexible environment with no meetings that really saves a heap of time and lets me concentrate on development.

Your advice to others interested in getting into technology?

Be humble. Be positive. Be passionate. Be fast.

Best energy saving tip?

Make the most of the resources available to you, for example look at the weather forecast and pre heat your home accordingly.

Something we wouldn’t know about you.

In my spare time I love learning from others on Youtube. I also love cooking and have a vegetable garden at my house.

On the weekend we will find you…

Chilling out at home, or looking for a good restaurant to try.