Meet the team: Luisa Giacon

Luisa has recently celebrated her 10 year anniversary with solarcity. We catch up with her to learn more about the changes she has seen over that time as well as what her role entails. 

Started with solarcity: 

June 2009


Accounts Manager

During the period how much carbon has been saved from our service? 

We have offset an enormous 1,102.11 tCO2 up to Sept 2018. 

What attracted you to join solarcity? 

When I first applied for the role I was really excited to be working for a business here in Nelson who were all about making a difference. The essence of who we are and what attracted me remains the same today. Back then the business was called Energy Shift and the main focus was solar hot water. 

What does your role entail? 

All things fun  in the world of accounting and finance across the business. One of the awesome projects I get to work on annually is the annual carboNZero Audit where I get to see how much of a difference we have made as a business in terms of our carbon use. Plus it’s pretty awesome to be able to say that as a business we are operating carbon neutral. 

What are the changes that you have seen during your time in the business? 

There has been a huge amount of change. The standouts are all our extra team mates. Originally there were just 5 of us in the Nelson office there are now 25, we were in a small office looking out over barbed wire. The Auckland office just had one engineer, they have moved offices twice and now have 70. We finally got a marketing team and the branding went from all tings sun and bright yellow, to more of a focus on the environment and at the same time our revolutionary solarZero service was introduced. Most exciting for all of us is with the introduction of solarZero we have gone from having just 100 customers to over 3,000 customers 

What is your favourite feature of the solarZero energy service? 

Absolutely the introduction of the solarZero battery in September last year. 

Best environmental / energy saving tip? 

Collect rainwater!  I have installed 5 1000 litre containers to collect the rainwater from my garage roof that is just amazing for the garden. And it is always the simplest tip but the most effective, turn off appliances/gadgets at the wall when not in use -  you would be surprised at how much power you save.

Something we wouldn’t know about you? 

I have a Diploma in Primary school teaching, but went off to travel the world so never taught. 

On the weekend we will find you… 

In my garden or out kayaking