Mike Stewart's Queenstown family home

Mike doubles-down with solarZero on two Queenstown properties

In 2017 Mike was in the market for solar and was actively looking at the available options. When he saw an ad for solarZero he was intrigued. $0 upfront costs? Fixed monthly fee? Sounded too good to be true!

Now, Mike has solarZero installed on both his properties in Queenstown: a home he and his family live in, as well as a rental property. 

Initially, Mike had been put off solar due to the high cost and lack of certainty about savings he would make. But, with solarZero you are guaranteed to save on your power bills from year one. And, over 20 years, households save on average 30% on their power costs - a figure of around $17,000!*

Mike took several months to research and educate himself on solarZero. He wanted to make sure he understood what he was getting into, and took cues from interactions with the customer service team to assure himself that solarZero was the right choice for his home and his rental property.

The solarZero team were happy to spend time with Mike on the phone, answering questions and clarifying details about how the system operated, the service fee, and all the benefits of the system - aside from just solar energy production.

Everything I was told seemed great...including why solarZero had been set up in the first place - to give Kiwis access to solar without having to invest in an expensive system purchase.

Friends and family are impressed and love that Mike runs his two properties on sunshine. He's such a fan he encourages others to join too, so they can also enjoy the many benefits he’s experienced with solarZero.

Mike uses the mysolarzero online portal to track his solar production and usage daily. He also likes that going solar has shown his young daughter that choosing an alternative sustainable energy source is an important step to take to reduce individual carbon emissions and help New Zealand get to a Zero Carbon future. 

Since joining solarZero we’ve had cheaper power bills, and we feel good about using the sun’s energy to power our home, knowing that we’re making a difference in this energy-hungry world!

Mike also powers his electric mountain bike with solarZero and makes the most of Queenstown’s many cycle trails in his spare time - that is when he’s not taking to the skies in his day job as a heliski guide.

*based on data from 4,200 solarZero customers over 20 year period