A new report by Transpower shines a light on many of the myths and misconceptions about solar technology.

NZ solar gets big support from Transpower, global temperatures to keep rising

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Solar and batteries

Solar energy is certain to play an increasing role in our energy future and in our efforts to avoid a climate crisis, says Transpower. Its new report 'The sun rises on a solar energy future' shines a light on many of the myths and misconceptions about solar technology.

Greenpeace says the report is the most disruptive study to emerge in the New Zealand energy space, and it’s exactly the sort of forward-thinking our Government should be taking notice of.

Grid scale solar tripled in Australia last year, reports CleanTechnica.

And, Scientific American looks at the growth of floating solar farms around the world.

Abu Dhabi now boasts the world’s largest storage battery which is five times larger than the Tesla battery installed in South Australia and uses sodium sulfur battery cells, reports CleanTechnica.

Renewables and fossil fuels

A new study says that hydrogen fuel for vehicles and businesses is unlikely in the foreseeable future - in spite of Government financial support for private company research, reports Stuff.

Documents released last week have shed light on the Government’s plans for making a just transition to a lower-emissions economy, reports Energy News (paywall).

Climate change

While 2018 was the fourth warmest year on record, British meteorologists are predicting the next five years will be much hotter, even record-breaking, reports Stuff.

Meanwhile, last month was New Zealand's third hottest January since records began 110 years ago, reports the NZ Herald.

And the NZ Herald, also reports the extreme fire risk that contributed to the devastating Tasman infernos could more than double by the end of the century according to climate models.

At least a third of the huge ice fields in Asia’s towering mountain chain are doomed to melt due to climate change, according to a landmark report, with serious consequences for almost 2 billion people, reports the Guardian.

US Democrats have laid out a "Green New Deal" that would eliminate US greenhouse gas emissions within a decade, reports RNZ.

And, Australia is on track to meet its carbon emissions target under the Paris climate accord well before 2030, thanks to increasing growth in wind and solar power, reports Reuters.

Power prices

Four of the big power companies will announce their half year results this month. The NZ Herald is predicting profits will be up due to high wholesale prices and strong hydro generation.

Electric vehicles

There are now more than 12,000 electric vehicles registered in NZ, reports EVTalk.

India has unveiled the world's first driverless electric bus powered by solar, reports Analytics India.

A new racing series, set to debut in 2021, will focus on electric vehicles competing in locations around the globe that are being threatened by climate change, reports The Verge.

More than 30 global corporates have pledged to switch their road fleets to electric vehicles, reports GreenBiz.