NZ music artist Jon Lemmon has lent his song "It's Gonna Be Alright" for solarcity's #nzforgood video challenge

#nzforgood video challenge open for entries

We’re inviting Kiwis to express themselves and keep the good vibes and positivity going by joining us in the #nzforgood dance challenge.

The #nzforgood dance challenge gives Kiwis the opportunity to take part in a national feel-good movement, dance like no one’s watching, and express joy and positivity. Entrants are invited to record a dance clip and enter online to take part in NZ’s greatest dance compilation as part of our #nzforgood programme to help fast track New Zealand to a Zero Carbon future. 

NZ music artist Jon Lemmon has lent his uplifting song “It’s Gonna Be Alright” as the soundtrack, the perfect remedy for shaking off worries, stresses and tension. Jon has been a longtime supporter of solarcity, performing in our first-ever “Gig for Good” in 2018 when we launched our innovative solarZero energy service.

“Our #nzforgood programme is all about getting Kiwis to join a virtual movement to help get NZ to a Zero Carbon future. With Jon’s track we’ve got an opportunity to show our enthusiasm for this beautiful country we live in, and how we’re going to make sure that future generations enjoy the benefits of a cleaner environment by each of us doing our bit to help. We hope Kiwis get inspired and energised by taking part in our video challenge - we’re looking forward to getting all that energy gathered in the final video edit so we can share that positivity with everyone,” says Maryanne Smith, Chief Marketing Officer, solarcity.

With the current COVID-19 crisis still affecting our lifestyle and mental health, it's important we find positive outcomes from the lockdown period and the environmental benefits we can take forward. We believe Kiwis want to take action against climate change, and powering their homes with solar, and encouraging others to consider this, is an important step.

“I’m stoked to get behind #nzforgood. It’s all about getting more sunshine into our lives. I really miss playing shows during lockdown. Music and dance have this magic ability to uplift spirits. I hope my track shines a little extra light into your day. Can’t wait to see the videos you make!” says NZ music artist Jon Lemmon.

Find out more about the #nzforgood programme here