Solar powered singers celebrate summer with free gig

solarcity, New Zealand’s leading solar power company, will be hosting a free ‘Gig for Good’ featuring solar powered singers on December 1st.

Leading local musicians including Moses Mackay from SOL3 MIO, Jon Lemmon, Jason Kerrison, The Beat Council and Caleb from Sons of Zion will take to the stage to champion climate change action and entertain concert goers, with their sets powered by solar.

The free public concert will celebrate the first day of summer and the public launch of solarZero, a revolutionary service which will enable Kiwis to take climate change action and cut their power bills in half. The event will focus on New Zealand becoming 100% renewable by 2035, a target set by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and will take place on the eve of the United Nations Global Climate Change conference in Poland.

“In an average year New Zealand’s electricity generation plants emit 5 million tonnes of carbon. If we can get an area the size of Rangitoto Island to go solar we can end New Zealand’s dependence on fossil fuels, it’s that simple,” says solarcity CEO Andrew Booth.

solarZero gives Kiwis an affordable way to go solar without paying for panels upfront, using a subscription service, like Netflix, from $85 per month. The service integrates solar panels and a unique new Panasonic battery platform, which delivers real time control over key appliances using Amazon Alexa, all at a price up to 50% cheaper than buying power from the grid.

solarcity’s 'Gig for Good' will bring together leading musicians and the community and serve as a call to action; urging Kiwis to combat climate change and become a renewable nation before it’s too late.

SOL3 MIO’s Moses Mackay comments, “Music is all about bringing people together and as a nation, we all need a way to work together to combat climate change - solarZero gives us that solution.”

A recent survey found that 83% of Kiwis want to see New Zealand move towards a cleaner and greener power supply and 65% agree that solar energy is the solution for this.

Guests are encouraged to bring their power bills along for their chance to win spot prizes.