solarcity finalist for top green award

We're all about saving you energy and have rounded up the latest solar, climate and energy news so you don't have to.

Solar and batteries

Alongside Panasonic, solarcity is a finalist in the 2018 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards for helping Kiwis shift to cleaner, cheaper and more reliable power with our solarZero energy service.

Germany now has one million homes with solar 100,000 with battery storage systems, reports Quartz.

Solar coatings on houses and cars may have a large role in a future with high amounts of electrification, says the head of Transpower, reports Energy News (paywall).

Horizon Research released results of a survey that show 71% of New Zealanders like the idea of Government subsidies for residential solar power as a way of reducing global warming.

Renewables and fossil fuels

Z Energy will pay $46 million for a 70 per cent shareholding in Flick Electric, the retail electricity supplier that was the first in the country to offer customers access to the spot price of electricity, reports the NZ Herald.

Genesis Energy says it can guarantee gas for its customers into the 2030s but is not making plans beyond that, reports the NZ Herald. Last week Genesis announced natural gas price increases for about 54,000 customers.

New Zealand Oil & Gas says the government’s decision to stop issuing offshore exploration permits has convinced many overseas investors that the country is closed for business, reports Newsroom.

Bioenergy production using wood from locally grown and sustainably managed forests can provide one of the lowest carbon energy options for New Zealand, says Scion.

Energy sector leaders from around the world will meet in Wellington at the end of October to share insights and lessons about key energy sector trends, and the challenges and opportunities they imply, reports Business NZ.

Climate change

New Zealand would need to reduce livestock methane emissions by up to 22 per cent by 2050 to stop any additional global warming. This would likely require a serious reduction in the number of livestock farmed, unless new and untried technologies can be shown to work, reports Stuff.

And, in a separate story, Stuff looks at the true cost of dairy farming on the environment including the greenhouse gas emissions from stock and production processes.

Insects consume about 10 percent of the globe's food, but that could double by the end of the century if climate change isn't stopped, reports the NZ Herald.

Power prices

Families in some parts of NZ are paying up to 40% more for their power than Aucklanders? See part 3 of our video series to see if we found anyone who thought that was a good idea.

Profits dropped by 83% for Genesis Energy, NZ's biggest power retailer and owner of the coal and gas fired power station at Huntly, reports RNZ.  

Electric vehicles

Sales of electric vehicles will increase from a record 1.1 million worldwide in 2017, to 11 million in 2025 and then surge to 30 million in 2030 as they become cheaper to make than internal combustion engine cars, predicts Bloomberg New Energy FinanceAnd there are now more than a million electric cars in Europe after sales soared by more than 40% in the first half of the year, reports the Guardian.

Meanwhile, the NZ Government will have to offer up more carrots if it wants motorists to swap petrol for power, a survey of electric vehicle owners has found, reports the NZ Herald.

Retro is in. Check out these concept electric cars unveiled by luxury automaker Infiniti, a unit of Nissan, and Kalashnikov, maker of the AK-47 assault rifle. And Jaguar has decided to put the E-Type Zero  - used by Harry and Meghan as their wedding car - into production, reports Stuff.