Go Green solarZero

solarZero encourages Kiwis to Go Green on Black Friday

Today solarZero, the unique solar-as-a-service offering from solarcity is bucking the Black Friday trend and encouraging consumers to “Go Green”.

“Black Friday is all about encouraging consumers to purchase more. We want to do the opposite by encouraging consumers to purchase less. That’s what solarZero is all about – consumers don’t buy our solarZero system – instead they only pay a fixed service fee for the solar energy they consume. Solarcity owns the solar panel and smart battery hardware, installs and maintains the system over 20 years. We guarantee our customers will pay less for their power within their first year, and they’ll be lessening their carbon footprint by sourcing up to two thirds of their power use with solar,” says Neil Cowie, CEO, solarcity.

While the rest of New Zealand are emptying their bank accounts with impulse and retail-frenzy buys this Black Friday, smart shoppers will be looking for true value and opting to “Go Green” with solarZero.