solarZero is making a big difference

We’re super stoked to have been recognised for revolutionising energy in New Zealand. 

At the 2018 NZI Sustainable Business Awards our solarZero service received a commendation for helping accelerate New Zealand’s transition to 100% renewable electricity.

solarZero is a revolutionary new way to power your home and get cleaner, cheaper, smarter energy. It’s a world-first streaming-the-sun monthly subscription service. Think of it as Netflix for your roof. There are no upfront costs; no additional costs for hardware, ownership or battery maintenance, and savings are guaranteed from Year One.

Over the past three years solarZero has become the single biggest provider of residential solar power in New Zealand. Our 3,000 customers are now generating enough electricity each year to power a town the size of Huntly.

By unlocking the abundance of solar power for New Zealand and New Zealanders, solarZero is reducing the need to burn climate-polluting fossil fuels for electricity generation. We estimate that over 20 years an average solarZero home will stop about 15 tonnes of CO2 entering the atmosphere.

When we launched solarZero in early 2015 it delivered daytime power only. Since then we’ve been working closely with Panasonic to design and develop battery storage that maximises the use of solar energy and provides backup power. As Stewart Fowler, the head of Panasonic NZ says, our collaboration has developed world-class technology to deliver a service that is letting Kiwis take control of the way they power their homes.

We’re thrilled that all our work with Panasonic to develop a solution that delivers cleaner, cheaper and smarter energy to our nation has been recognised by New Zealand’s pre-eminent sustainability awards.