solarZero, Streaming the Sun - a New Grid for Good

New Zealand has targets of 100% renewable electricity generation by 2035 and carbon neutrality by 2050. Over that same time electricity demand could more than double.

New Zealand needs a plan for our energy future. Today we have released a whitepaper titled ‘solarZero, Streaming the Sun - a New Grid for Good’ which answers the following questions:

  • How can New Zealand meet its goals of reaching 100% renewable electricity and carbon neutrality and reduce power and energy prices at the same time?

  • How  can we make electricity more affordable, fair and resilient?

  • What could the electricity future of New Zealand look like?

Some recent reports suggest that New Zealand will need a massive investment in generation plants and transmission infrastructure under a business-as-usual approach - in excess of $20 billion just for national transmission and generation.

There is a better way that will deliver a cheaper, cleaner and a more efficient and reliable power system.

We have proven that solar, batteries and energy efficiency technologies can be delivered as an integrated utility energy service, on one bill at a price that is cheaper than a traditional power bill. This means that substantial investments in the national grid and the distribution network are largely not needed.

Our whitepaper explains how solarZero, a new utility business model of the future, could transform our electricity system to help New Zealand rapidly decarbonise and strengthen its economy.

Our report ends with a snapshot of how New Zealand’s clean energy future will look. This future will meet the values and expectations of New Zealanders and accelerate the retirement of harmful and polluting power plants to the great benefit of future generations.

We call that day ‘Independence Day’.

You can read the full report here .