Important steps for powering your home with solarZero

Have you ever wondered what the process is for having solarZero installed at your home? Today, we’ll take you through the process and explain the reason for each step.

Why do I need to submit a power bill?

We typically use three months' worth of power bills to get an understanding of your home’s power use. From this information, we’re able to determine the size of the solarZero system to install and give a more accurate savings estimate. 

You can see my home on your mapping tools, why do you need pictures?

We can certainly see your home using our specialist mapping tools. But, we may still need some further images to get a better idea of your roof type, pitch and any specifics like roof shading, as well as where the smart battery will be installed.

The sooner you’re able to provide us with these images, the sooner you’ll be able to get the solarZero system installed.

Why can’t you just send me the information - I don’t want to talk over the phone

There is a lot more to our solarZero energy service than just installing solar panels and a smart battery. Over the years we’ve found that customers often have a lot of additional questions once they see the system we’d be looking to install, the cost, and their savings estimate. The easiest, and quickest way for us to answer those questions and explain everything to you is on a quick phone call. 

Of course, we will send you a copy of all the information so you can look at it more closely in your own time. And we’re always available to answer any further questions you may have.

Right, I’ve signed the contract, now what?

Once you’ve signed the contract, there are a few final checks we need to perform before we book your installation. There is a cost associated with these (for us), so we want to make sure you’re pretty committed before we proceed.

Once we’ve completed these checks we’ll book your meter change, installation date and final inspection and let you know when you can expect these to occur. 

Now all you need to do is sit back and relax and let us take care of the rest.

Anything I can do while I wait?

While you wait for your installation, inspection and activation to be completed here are some things you can do

  • You can check out the mysolarZero dashboard for which you will have received a login invitation. Here you can set up your direct debit for your solarZero service fee, shop energy-efficient Panasonic appliances or refer a friend (and earn cash rewards)
  • Consider whether you want to sign up for one of our broadband packages, powered by 2degrees. They’re great value, provide super speedy internet, and come with a range of goodies worth up to $4000
  • Follow us on Instagram or Facebook - this is where we post all the latest news, promotions and interesting information about solarZero, the energy industry and sustainability

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