The internet of energy - public talk

The world's electricity networks face major changes due to the increasing number of people generating their own power. Malcolm McCulloch, Head of the Energy & Power Group at Oxford University, will discuss what this means at a public lecture in Wellington on Sept 22.

The lecture will cover recent innovations that have served to support the rise of the 'prosumer'. With increasingly distributed generation we are moving from a client server model (delivering energy from large scale power plants out to end users) to a peer-to-peer model where energy can be exchanged within a connected community. The way of interacting, connecting and control is changing rapidly and is leading to much more dynamic interactions within the system. This is further facilitated by storage and other energy management technologies and services.

Malcolm will delve into both the technological and social changes that are both underway and are required to support the coming energy revolution, as well as the potential problems that such a transformation could lead to.

Tickets to the two-hour lecture, starting at 6.30pm, at Victoria University are free and going fast. You can register here.