solarcity: Toitū carbonzero certified since 2010

Toitū carbonzero certified since 2010

solarcity’s commitment to reducing our country’s carbon footprint doesn’t stop with providing clean and sustainable solar energy for our customers - we’ve brought the same practices into our business. To minimise our carbon emissions, we work everyday to change our practices and implement changes to bring our impact down every year. In 2019, we achieved Toitū carbonzero certification for our ninth year running, and reduced our emissions by 9% from the previous year.

We pride ourselves on being the only solar energy services provider in New Zealand to be Toitū carbonzero certified, and in 2011 we were the first Toitū carbonzero certified solar energy company in the world. In the past decade we’re pleased to see more businesses gaining the certification, and it's a practice we’d encourage all businesses to adopt.

What is Toitū carbonzero?

The Toitū carbonzero certification is awarded and verified annually by Enviro-Mark Solutions, an independent organisation. The certification is awarded to organisations who achieve carbon neutral in their everyday practices, offsetting any emissions with carbon credits.

solarcity has adopted strategies and processes to reduce our emissions such as:

  • Our Auckland office runs from a combination of solar panels on the roof and Toitū carbonzero certified grid power from Ecotricity - powering our office with 100% renewable energy.
  • We’re conserving electricity by only using air-conditioning units when required, in set intervals.
  • We’ve introduced waste sorting in the office, ready for the recycling collection that will be available in Newmarket’s commercial district from 2021.
  • solarcity staff are encouraged to participate in waste free days. 
  • We’re reducing staff travel by opting for Google Hangout meetings wherever possible.
  • We’re replacing our company vehicle fleet with Nissan Leaf EVs.
  • We are a mostly paperless office, with printed marketing materials using recycled papers and vegetable inks.

Offsetting emissions

The carbon emissions we do contribute are offset by the purchasing of carbon credits. We seek local, New Zealand based initiatives and gold standard international projects to support.

In 2019, our carbon credit purchases supported:

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