Want to prep your home for spring? Here's how

Spring being just around the corner has an extra thrill of excitement when we’ve also spent time cooped up inside as COVID-19 once again appeared in the community. We’re all looking forward to Alert Level restrictions lifting, and getting out and about to enjoy the spring sunshine.

This extra time spent at home does however give us the opportunity to get an early start on getting our houses ready for the change in season.

Here are a few things you can do to get your home prepped for spring.

Let in the sun!

If you love the feeling of the sun on your face, then giving your windows a good clean will certainly help. While days are still a little chilly, clean windows will let the sun stream in and give you the feeling of being outdoors - even with a pane (or two) of glass in between.

And, you don’t need any special glass cleaner for a streak-free finish. Just use warm soapy water to clean the windows and then wipe them dry with clean, dry newspaper. Or use a mixture of water and white vinegar for that sparkling finish.

Once your windows are squeaky clean, make sure you’re opening your curtains up early in the day to make the most of the sunshine, and close them again as the sun sets to retain the heat from the day.

Use the sun to clean your clothes

Warmer weather and longer sunshine hours mean you get to take advantage of solar power to both clean and dry your clothes. Run your washing machine while the panels generate power, and then dry them on the line in the sun.

While you’re giving your dryer a well-deserved break, also give it a good clean - removing dust and lint from the vents so on those days you do have to use it, it’s running at its most efficient.

And, once you’re in the dusting groove, give some of your other appliances a once over too. Appliances like fridges and freezers run more efficiently when clean and dust-free, which means they draw less power and cost you less money. Now may also be a good time to defrost your freezer - again to help it run more efficiently, but also to make sure there’s plenty of space for ice cream!

Get in the garden

While you’re outside, early spring is a great time to get in the garden and plant flowers and veggies. Or, just spend some time getting rid of the weeds so it looks its best.

Planting your own veggies is a great activity to do with the kids - they’ll get a greater appreciation of where their food comes from, and may even be more tempted to try something new if they grew it themselves. It’s also a great way to reduce trips to the grocery store and the plastic packaging that many veggies still come with.

While you’re out here - check your gutters and make sure they’re not clogged with leaves. And, have a look at any trees on your or surrounding properties. While trees are great, they may be casting shadows over your home, meaning it will take longer to heat up - or reduce the efficiency of any solar panels you have installed.