Why now is the best time to get solar installed

Have you been holding off on getting solar installed on your home because you’re worried that if you commit now, you’ll be missing out on future improvements to solar technology? Or that you should wait until Summer when the sun is shining more to really make it worthwhile?

At solarZero we hear a lot of reasons why people aren’t quite ready to commit to solar. Worrying about missing out on technology improvements is one that we heard recently when we talk to kiwi homeowners about our 20-year agreement. They weren’t keen on the idea of locking themselves in for such a long time when improvements to the technology could be just around the corner. And, as we head into winter people may think they’re better off waiting until the Summer to take the plunge.

But, whether you buy a solar system outright, or enter into a 20-year energy service agreement with solarZero, waiting to go solar may not be in your best interest.

Here’s why now is the best time to go solar:

You will start saving sooner

One of the biggest benefits of getting solar installed on your home is the savings on your energy bills. With electricity prices increasing year on year, waiting to get them installed just means you’ll be waiting to start saving. Over the last 20 years, power prices have increased by 118%. 

Solar panels today already have the potential to generate a fair amount of energy, with solar panels installed by solarZero able to generate 390W of energy every hour* (in optimum conditions). At this rate, it’s unlikely that any improvements to generation capacity will significantly improve your savings potential. 

Every year you delay your solar decision is another year that you miss out on the financial benefits a solar energy system provides (this is called your opportunity cost). In fact, your potential savings in upfront costs could be outweighed by solar’s financial benefits had you acted sooner.

- Should I go solar now or wait

Protect yourself from power cuts

With winter on its way, and climate change throwing more wild weather into the mix, power cuts are likely to increase.

With a solar system that includes a battery, you can protect yourself from these power cuts as you’ll be able to generate your own electricity and store it in your battery for later use.

While some systems don’t allow you to continue to generate electricity if the grid is down, with solarZero the system will continue to generate electricity to power key circuits in your home and charge your smart battery while the sun shines. The only thing you’ll miss out on is exporting excess energy back to the grid.

Solar panels do work during winter

While it’s true that solar generation during winter can be less than during summer, that doesn’t mean this should be a reason to delay getting solar installed. In fact, the above reasons - savings and protecting yourself against power cuts are just a couple of reasons why getting solar installed in winter is in fact a great idea.

Even when there are clouds in the sky solar panels will still generate electricity, as panels charge from the sunlight that’s still filtering through. And, if you’re worried about the cold affecting panel production capabilities - don't. Solar panels work great in cooler weather (in fact, they work better in extreme cold than extreme heat).

Solar service vs solar purchase?

To address the other factor in the objection - namely not wanting to enter into a 20-year agreement - whether you purchase the system outright, or join solarZero, you’re still making a long term commitment to the technology. 

Solar panels easily last well over 20 years - though their optimal generation capacity is in those first 20-25 years. With solarZero you can have the solar panels replaced with shiny new ones once your agreement term is over. If you purchase the system yourself, however, you’ll need to consider whether you’ll be able to re-invest at the product's end of life.

solarZero also replaces the battery once during the term agreement, meaning you’ll be getting a technology upgrade as part of your agreement at no additional cost. 

And, we’re always making sure that the technology we’re installing on customers’ homes is the best available at the time.

Best of all, solarZero comes with $0 upfront costs and guaranteed savings in year one - regardless of what time in the year you install. We also have a team of energy specialists who manage the service to make sure you are buying and selling energy from the smart battery at times that make the most sense to your home. All solarZero GridforGood members also get access to exclusive fixed rates for any energy that needs to be purchased or sold. Something you would need to negotiate yourself with the power companies if you purchased the solar panels outright. 

Bonus reason: 2 months ½ price power!

The final reason why now is the best time to go solar? If you sign up for solarZero before the 30th of June, 2022 you’ll only pay ½ price for your power** for the first two months after your solarZero system is activated.

To sign up and find out how much you could save, click here. 

*See what 390W can power here 
**Based on an average solarZero customer’s pre-solarZero grid electricity cost vs post solarZero grid electricity costs over winter. Read full Ts & Cs here