Zero cost solar locks in certainty to beat record high Christchurch power prices

This week solarcity launched its solarZero service in Christchurch. Michael Peterson, a resident of St Albans, is the first person in the South Island to have solar panels installed on his home for free. 

solarZero can be added to a home at any time and the majority of solarZero installations take place on existing homes, but for he best results during building or renovations, solarcity recommends involving solar experts in the initial planning. This will help identify how many solar panels are needed to power the house and what direction they should face to maximise solar output. "Rebuilding Christchurch is  hugely important for the future and with the launch of solarZero, solar power as a sustainable energy solution can now play a big part in this rebuild', says Booth.  

Christchurch resident Michael Peterson says "I've always wanted to go solar because I know a lot of the power I've been using is generated from fossil fuels like coal and gas that are bad for the environment and now that I don't have to pay for the panels  I can do it without worrying about the cost." 

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