Join your friends and family by powering your home with solarZero

It’s the revolutionary new solar service designed to help you halve your power bill.

Here's why solarZero is right for you

As New Zealand's #1 solar provider, we've set up solarZero and our Grid for Good to help you get the best possible solar solution.

It's subscription based, just like Netflix or Spotify

But, instead of movies or music, you stream the sun. One simple monthly payment gets you abundant clean, renewable energy.

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It has the power to cut your energy bills in half

So you're not only saving the planet, you're saving money too.

solarZero is a world-first innovation

Utilising an intelligent battery, you can store and use energy even when the sun isn't shining, or when there is a power cut.

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Web Based Management puts you in control

Maximise your solar and energy use through our web based monitoring platform.

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See if your home is solarZero suitable now.

Every 37 minutes kiwis join solarZero and our grid for good.

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