What's the speed and the price?

This depends on which plan you select: 

  • Ultimate Unlimited: Fibre up to 900/400Mbps for an additional $94 + GST per month 
  • Unlimited Broadband: Best available ADSL, VDSL and Fibre up to 300/100Mbps* for an additional $74 + GST per month 

*Not all regions of New Zealand are able to access the 300/100Mbps internet speeds, instead they will have speeds of up to 100/20Mbps.

The regions affected are those where the internet is supplied by Northpower, Unison and Electricity Ashburton. Areas that can get the faster speeds of 300/100Mbps are those where internet is supplied by Chorus, Enable and UFF (Ultrafast Fibre). Find out more on 2degrees.co.nz

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