Frequently asked questions

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  • What is solarZero®?

    Our solarZero® energy service is the easy and affordable way to switch your home to solar power. With zero costs for the panels and battery you will save money. You simply pay a low, fixed monthly fee that delivers cleaner, cheaper and more reliable power for 20 years. You also get access to a smart app to monitor the system, along with personalised energy advice to help you maximise the benefits of solarZero®. And, when solar needs topping up, you get access to exclusive pricing for 100% carboNZero certified renewable electricity from Ecotricity.

  • What happens at the end of 20-year solarZero® agreement?

    At the end of 20 years, we will remove the system at no cost to you, or you can renew your agreement. Alternatively, you can upgrade to a new system with the latest technology under a new solarZero® energy service agreement.  

  • What happens if I move?

    Our dedicated transfer team takes care of everything, giving you peace of mind to focus on the sales process. With solarZero® you can transfer the service agreement to the new homeowners or you can prepay the agreement from the profits of selling your home providing the new owner with solar for no monthly fee. Alternatively, you may be able to transfer your agreement and the solar panels and battery to your new home. We will need to do a full assessment of your new property and its suitability. There will also be a cost for moving the panels which we will quote at the time.

  • What do you mean by a fixed fee for 20 years?

    Just that. One simple, fixed fee that will stay the same for 20 years, apart from any changes to GST. This fixed fee covers solar, battery storage and in-home energy management. It also gives you access to wholesale spot prices for grid power when solar needs topping up. Plus, you’ll have access to energy advice and great deals on energy efficient appliances from our brand partners.

  • I want to switch to solarZero® but I’m locked into a contract with my current power provider. What can I do?

    We will cover up to $150 of the cancellation fee when you break the contract with your current provider. The final invoice from your provider will show the amount for the cancellation fee. Send us a copy and we’ll credit that amount (up to $150) into your account.

  • Is solarcity a power company?

    No. We are an energy services company doing things differently. We're helping Kiwi homeowners beat rising electricity prices with our fixed-price solarZero® energy service that provides cleaner, cheaper and more reliable power.

  • Will my home still have power when there is a power cut?

    The battery will automatically restore power to the hub of your home within seconds.  Typically, the battery will backup your kitchen and lounge so that you have lighting and can use low energy use appliances like your fridge, computers, router and TV. If the outage happens during the day, the solar panels will continue to power your home and recharge the battery.

  • What does the solarZero® app do?

    The solarZero® app allows you to manage your home’s energy while you’re on the go. The app provides real-time monitoring of your solar generation, battery status and overall energy use. You can also schedule your water heating cylinder to switch on and off at times that make the most of your solar energy.

  • What happens if the solar system produces more power than I can use in my home?

    Surplus solar power is stored in the battery so you can use it whenever you want. If the solar system is still generating when the battery is fully charged, the surplus power will be exported to the grid. One of the advantages of the solarZero® service is that our buyback guarantee ensures that when you sell solar power you’re paid the same rate it costs you to buy energy, excluding network charges and GST. Plus, the battery is programmed to buy and use power at times that deliver the best rates for you.